Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm Tired.

So, over spring break Hastur and I are going to fly to california, pick up her new car, spend a few days having crazy adventures, then Thelma-and-Louise it back to Texas. With plan to hit the Grand Canyon, plus every yarn shop along the way. The owner of my LYS says to be sure and not miss Taos (by which I'm sure she means La Lana Wools), which leads me to reflect that here in Aggieland, we've got a good thing going. I mean, I love my local yarn shop, and its owner. She doesn't always have what I want, but is understanding about my 'playing the field', as it were, but she's always willing to help you learn a new skill (usually for free, though if you really need an in-depth look at something comopletely new to you she might suggest a class), she's got an enormous reference library inside her head, and (perhaps my favorite traits) she's willing to set things aside for you that you can't quite afford at the moment, and she doesn't mind helping you with projects made with yarn you got somewhere else. So right now there's a copy of Victorian Lace Today and three hanks of Ultra Alpaca sitting in her back room with my name on them. And you know what? While I might go for a better deal on something as transient (for me, anyway) as yarn, I do make a point of getting my knitting books and tools from her, which I view as more of an investment.

In other news, we did a lot of house cleaning tonight. We're planning to make some beer bread and chili tomorrow, and hopefully they'll both be delicious, since we're having people over (which, incidentally, is the motivation for all the cleaning). We haven't entertained over here in a while - a LONG while - and I miss it. It's kinda hard to have people over at our place, since we don't have a lot of seating in the living room, and the dining room was basically storage, though I've prettied it up today so I'm not ashamed to have folks over :) I keep telling Sweetie we need to get a nice dining room set, but he doesn't want to get more big furniture before we move. Which would be fine, except that we're not moving until May, and I'd enjoy having a table now. Maybe I can build something. Who knows? I could be a master carpenter waiting to happen. The chairs would be a bit difficult, I think.

Getting to a more or less roundabout point, things are looking up. Yes, this semester is going to suck scholastically (in the sense of tons of homework - I, of course, will do swimmingly), and yes, my job still sucks, and it's looking less and less likely that I'll actually get a new one before the move ("Hi, I'd like to work for you for four months!" doesn't exactly sell well in interviews), but I'm able to get in more hours than I had been, so now I "get" to work 30 hours a week and go to school full time. It's putting a major crunch on the knitting time, but hey. That's what lecture's for. As long as I'm making a valuable contribution to the discussion (and I always do, what with me being so smart and wonderful and all) my professors don't mind.

So tonight, cleaning. And tomorrow, homework and beer bread. Monday, regular work and maybe a little dancing? Then class. And knitting in class. Have I mentioned I'm starting another sweater? This one's actually gonna be for me, but more details on that later. For now, back to vacuuming!

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