Thursday, February 08, 2007

Minor Tweaking

So, I pronted up the Galveston pattern and cast on for it (in the pretty silk, if you must know, and I regret not a stitch of it) and as it turns out I've had to make a few little adjustments. Nothing major, just moving the beginning of the round over a stitch or two. So I get halfway through the second chart (this thing has like, 6 charts and an edging, should I be concerned?) and realize something.

One of the patterns I used is called "Mermaid's Mesh". Properly executed, it makes zigzaggy lines. Goes something like this:

This assumes, of course, that you're starting at the bottom and working your way up. Starting from the center and working your way down, of course, makes the points point in exactly the wrong direction. I need to turn this stitch pattern upside down and redo my increases. More math for me!

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