Sunday, February 24, 2008

Galveston Complete - Wedding Pending

Well, Galveston was finished last Thursday - finished, blocked, ends in and all done. It's a good feeling. The only things that are left to do is find a new place to do the hair and makeup, buy shoes and a garter, and pay the caterer. The most pressing of these, unfortunately, being the hair and makeup.

So, my sister found me a place in town where I had been before to get a massage, and she made me an appointment for the hair and makeup, on the day of the bachelorette party, which was yesterday. So I show up, and I tell the lady what I was wanting, and she starts going on and on about how no, that won't work, it'll look bad on my face, I need something like this, and she's curling, and cutting, and backcombing (I hate backcombing; have I ever mentioned that I hate backcombing?), and I'm telling her that that's not really what I want, I don't want big poofy hair with tons of curls, Sweetie has the curls and I don't really want us to match in that way, and she's going, and keeps turning me away from the mirror so I can't even see what she's doing, and she freaking BURNS MY FACE WITH THE CURLER because she's talking on her cell phone instead of watching the giant hot thing in her hand (it's not a big burn, but goddamn). Anyway, she finally turns me to the mirror, and I started crying, because I had this giant curly poofy thing on my head, which was not what I wanted at all, and I am absolutely terrified of this woman and her metal wand of pain, so I go through her magazines and find a picture of what I want and say, this one, this one is what I want, and so she starts all over again, and it took TWO HOURS, and the whole time she's still making it big and poofy and giant ringlet curls, until finally I got to the point where I said it was fine, anything, I didn't even want the makeup, anything so I could LEAVE, and the whole thing cost $80, which was double what
it was supposed to have cost, but I got to leave so I was happy. I looked like a fucking moppet.

Luckily for me, it all fell out within ten minutes, and I don't ever have to go back there. K-the-knitter was at the party and recommended a place, which I'll probably check out some time this week. All in all, it was a fun party and an exhausting day, and I'm glad more than anything that this will all be over soon. So very, very soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, I had done the edging part of the schematic wrong, but that's fixed now. I am so close to being finished I can TASTE IT. I'm just about done with the second ball of the undyed silk from StickChick, but I got three just in case, so I should get a pretty good estimate of the final yardage.

And in other news? I just found out that you can make PDFs on Photoshop. PHOTOSHOP. Do you have ANY IDEA how much easier it is to move around text bits and images and such on photoshop? So yes. Galveston will be done by the wedding, and so should the PDF.