Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Clothesmaking For Fun And Profit

For giftmas, my inlawls gave me a gift card to (which is a great place, by the way), and with it I got three yards of linen in a few different colors. Add this to my previous linen purchases, and I definitely am in a clothes-making kind of mood.

I already have a mostly-done tiered skirt that I'm rather fond of (working on that as we speak, actually), so I figured since my linen is in single yards, shirts are the way to go. I've done some handsewing for faire garb, so I feel pretty secure in my ability to make straight lines, but right now I'm not sure if I'm up to curved armscyes, so that limits my options. I want to do some kind of decorative thing on the yoke area, so I'm thinking a big facing that's done out of contrasting fabric, maybe with some kind of embroidery on it? I have the theory down, but I'm a little bit terrified to use up some of my stash trying something that very likely won't work.

Tomorrow I'll do measurements and start planning things with numbers, I think. Tonight I'm going back to my skirt.