Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Heart Saffron!

I've decided that Saffron is my favorite spice ever. I'm making the sholeh-zard (using this awesome recipe, which has more detail than others I've found) and I just added the rosewater and saffron and oil. THIS SMELLS SO GOOD.

I know that I'm supposed to be bringing this for everyone in the library, but I'm seriously considering keeping this batch for Sweetie and I (and friends, you know I love to feed friends) and making a second batch tomorrow for all and sundry. Hell, it's what I'm doing with the zoolbia, why not!

In other news, I recently got in the Dragonfly and Water Lillies pattern from Needle Beetle. I have to say, this is the most awesome, inspiring piece of knitwork I've seen in a long time. Back in the day when I first learned to knit I came across her stuff, and saved pictures of this pattern to my "maybe one day" files. I of course then forgot where it had come from entirely, but would continue to spend hours sighing and wanting, wanting and sighing. When I came across her site again earlier this month, I was so excited! Any pattern that can captivate you solely on basis of thumbnails for over two years is a pattern both worth buying and worth making. Me, I'm thinking to pick up some Colourmart 100% Silk in Sea Jade for this one. I'm thinking it pretty hard, matter of fact. *checks out*

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