Monday, July 31, 2006

Things are Going Well

They are! My yarn from arrived, lovely lovely cadmium yellow, so as soon as I finish this blasted be-bobbled (enbobbled?) top, I can get to work on that. Also, I've had a few ideas for hats, which, hopefully, YarnMonkey will find pleasing. If not, I'll still have new hats :) This may not sound like much to those of you (i.e. everyone but me and the cat) without a working knowledge of my stash, but this idea? Wonderful enough that I pulled out the Peace Fleece skeins in lavender and harvest orange - you know, the ones I was saving until the perfect pattern leapt into my hands and said "KNIT ME, WOMAN!" Yes, those skeins are a-talkin' now. I figure I'll write up the pattern for two different weights, worsted and fingering, to fit most of my stash. Also, this means that I'll not only get an awesome hat in both lavender and harvst orange, I'll also get one in sandy beige Baby Silk :) And it'll rock exactly that hard.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ode to Sheep

You may or may not have seen the newest Spin-Off magazine already, and seeing it you may or may not have bought it. Perhaps you looked on the cover and said 'What the hell, sheep puppets? I don't need no stinkin' sheep puppets.'

Why, I bet you didn't even look inside, did you?

If you had, you would have seen that the Sheepies are at least twenty times cuter on the inside (and in person!) than they appear on the cover. Plus, fun colorwork! Even if (like me) you'd never done stranded colorwork before! And if it looks a little like a dyspeptic llama (what with the not doing stranded colorwork before), who cares? It's a puppet! It can as easily be a dyspeptic llama puppet as a sheepie.

So far it's been three days since I cast on for Pilvie (the grey and brown one on the cover) and he's done except for the face. Not 'done except for embroidering on features', but 'the knitting of the face is all that's left'. Ergo, he runs around all faceless, asking people if he can have their faces. So far, no takers. Ergo, I'll have to find him one myself :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Is Done!

And it is GLORIOUS.

Which is to say, rather, that it will be glorious, once it's done. It has potential gloriousness? And knitting converts it into kinetic gloriosity? But then, you could knit from it multiple times - an infinite amount of times, if you wanted. Does that mean it has infinite potential glory?

See, this is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night.

Regardless, click for the full image if you like. The blue squares are stitches that will be done a la short-row, and the yellow is the border of plain knit stitches (actually garter, now that I think about it) to give the turning some extra stability. Obviously, this is the first time I've done something like this, but I'm feeling pretty hopefull. What do you think?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Have I Mentioned...

the super-awesome treat I'm getting for myself when I finish this top? It's yellow. It's gloriously, gloriously yellow.

Good Times

Well, the vacation has come and gone, and it was wonderful. Sweetie and I had a great time, his little cousins that went with us are awesome, and of course I love the rest of his family. We rode many a ride, got stuck on a few (one for half an hour, we had to walk down - I shit you not - 14 flights of stairs to get down), and all in all it was about as perfect a vacation as you could wish.

During much of the car trip (it's a good 13 hour drive either way) I had intended to work on my newest project - see, the owner of our LYS wants me to knit her a small top, and is paying me in twice the top's amount of yarn, a lovely 10 balls of SWTC's Pure, 100% soysilk - like I'm going to pass that up? Anyway, I had planned to get at least a quarter done on the drive, packed the yarn and needles and gague swatch, and what did I forget? The pattern, obviously XD It's coming along well now that I'm home, I only have to do an inch and a half a day to finish on time. It'll go faster, of course, once this 6.5" of 3x3 rib with absolutely pointless tiny bobbles are done.

God I hate bobbles. There is no point at which the phrase "Hey, you know what'd look good here? Bobbles!" is anything but drunk talk. They're like the vestigal tails of the knitting beast.

Anyway, schematic to come, since I like doing them, and folks like seeing 'em :) And now, back to work!