Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Not a lot of new info today. Finished Sue-from-work's hat. About a third of the way through some nice little headphone sleeves. More yarn came in >.> I'm thinking of discontinuing Hastur's challenge. It's not that I don't love the spirit of the thing, it's just that I realized the other day that I fully intend to keep buying yarn, so I'd never actually do anything like finish. It's moderately dissapointing that I can't keep going, but I've decided that the only thing I don't like about knitting is obligations placed on my knitting. Will I still look for free patterns over purchasable ones? Hell yes. Will I still attempt to knit with what I have, rediscovering my love for the yarns in my stash? Of course. My love is flighty but true (except maybe in the case of that nubby silk yarn; I'm trying, though). I figure why fight it? Hastur herself has said (laughingly, we were having drinks, it was good times) that I'm the poster child for bad-at-the-challenge, and that's true. This happened to be while I was showing off my new copy of Victorian Lace Today (which is an excellent book and I have no regrets. If A Gathering of Lace had been in stock I'd have come home with that too), a nice hefty purchase from the LYS. What Hastur didn't see, of course, was the copy of Fibertrend's Sheep Shawl tucked into my pattern binder. I'm going to continue to add money to the charity counter for each ball of yarn I finish, but not patterns; I was excited this week because I got to buy new face wash. I know there are probably things I can do without (like yarn and patterns), but right now I'm going to be selfish. I'm just so tired.

In other news, the crazy homework I was doing all week? Extended by another week. So now I get to double the work I've done so far. The professor's given us a 15-page upper limit, and I figure mine will hit somewhere upwards of 8 pages. Not a novel by any means, but a lot of reading to do, especially this weekend. I'm still up for Henna-and-Deliciousness-Night, I'll just have a lot of reading to do before and after.

In other other news, it's bedtime. I'm out.


megan said...

Would Friday work for fun times? I have to study my arse off on Saturday, and I have an exam Thursday night. Or Sunday would work, too. Whatever, really. Just let me know. :)

HasturTorres said...

Evil PPN
Evil PPN
Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!!!
Let me know when you want to chill. Fridays are good for me.

Persian Pen Name said...

Friday would be great for me, actually. I should get off work the same time as Mr. Hastur, run home and get my cooking supplies and whatnot. Speaking of which, Megan, I don't have your number! I'll try and get it from Hastur tonight :)

Persian Pen Name said...

I do have your number, sweetie, I'm sorry XD I deleted your comment so the whole intarweb doesn't get it too :)