Monday, January 29, 2007

Icar-ish Flying Free!

That's right folks, Icar-ish is finished! Not only do I feel great about my first FO for the new year being my first for-me shawl, but I'm damn glad to have the yellow harpy no longer hovering over my head (and instead resting peacefully on my shoulders). I've already had tons of compliments at work about him (mostly from people who recongnize the color, I think a few co-workers think I'm still working on the monster), and I'm hoping to pimp him out in class tonight and tomorrow before giving in to the serious coldness and picking up my jacket again.

Now that he's done, I feel morally obligated to start on Galveston.... yet much like living there, it's better to think about than actually do. That and I can't figure out which stitches I want in two different sections, and an ostrich plume triangle shawl somehow skittered into my brain. I think I may just be tired from Icarus - what I should do is (start and) finish Sue-from-work's hat in the interim.

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