Monday, December 05, 2005

Pac-Man Hat (With Ghosts!)

So, for PrimaryBrother I'm making a christmas hat. It'll have Pacman himself on the front, a few ghosts on the back. Here's my directions:

Paton's Classic Merino wool, Black, 1 skein
Paton's Canadiana, Grey (opt: 1 skein yellow, 1 skein blue, 1 skein white)
Gague: 5 sts per inch

Hats should be made to the circumference of your head, minus 2". My head is 22" around, and I have to assume my brother's is as well.

CO 100 stitches (20 inches) and work K2P2 ribbing for 4".

Work stockinette stitch for 5".

Begin the decreases as follows:

Row 1: *K8, k2tog; repeat from *
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14: Knit.
Row 3: *K7, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 5: *K6, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 7: *K5, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 9: *K4, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 11: *K3, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 13: *K2, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 15: *K1, k2tog; repeat from *
Row 16 and all subsequent rows: K2tog

Continue knitting two together all around until 5 stitches remain. Thread the end of the yarn through these 5 stitches, pull through to the inside of the hat, knot and cut. With a seperate yarn of the same weight, duplicate stitch Pacman in the color of your choice from the following chart:

These were charted off the sprites I found here, which were converted from Namco's game Pacman. I obviously don't own Namco, or Pacman, but I do now have a very warm hat.

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Elanor said...

Do you have the image any more? It no longer works!