Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ain't It Fun

Yeah, so I'm not feeling too well today. Some stuff has come up, other shit has thrown down, and somehow I've regained my clarity of thought. I don't know why I put up with this shit, but there's a test tomorrow for a class that I'm already taking for the second time, and damned if I'm going to fuck this up again. I'm getting my grades up this semester, I'm getting my classes over with, and I'm getting the fuck out of here. That's the only important thing I have to worry about right now, and I will not fuck it up.

In other news, my Mariah-on-circs is coming along well. I've been working on it since friday, and I've got almost a foot done on the first sleeve. For some reason, I think the two sleeves are going to take me longer do than the stockinette body. I'm tempted to put in a between-the-boobs pocket for carrying rats around, but we don't have any rats yet. I can't wait to get my boys next summer.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Stash Overview #1

This is my stash, as it stands right at the moment.

22 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, "DK" (actually fingering) weight, oxblood, lot #68
10 Skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease, worsted weight, ivory, lot # 28286
8 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, fingering weight, mocha, lot # 61
8 Skeins Southwest Trading Company Beyond Bold, green (not mine, holding for charity craft night)
7 Skeins Target $1 Fun Fur, grey
7 Skeins Target $1 Fun Fur, purple
7 Skeins Target $1 Fun Fur, var. (pidgeon colors)
5 Skeins Target $1 Boucle, oatmeal
5 Skeins Target $1 Boucle, earthtones
4 SkeinsCaron Bliss, plum, lot# 16018
3 Skeins Target $1 Novelty, purple (that kind with the squares on it?)
2 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, fingering weight, peridot
2 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, fingering weight, moroccan olive
2 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, fingering weight, salmon
2 Skeins Elann's Baby Silk, fingering weight, seashell pink
2 Skeins Recycled Cashmere, laceweight, fucia (to be overdyed)
2 Skeis Kitchen Cotton, var. green
2 Skein Southwest Trading Company Beyond Bold, knobbly brown
1 Skein Peace Fleece, Lavender
1 Skein Peace Fleece, Russet
1 Skein Kitchen Cotton, var. blue
1 Skein Knitpicks' Merino Shadow, Vinyard
1 Skein Knitpicks' Merino Style, Nutmeg
1 Skein Knitpicks' Merino Style, Cinnamon
1 Skein Knitpicks' Merino Style, Butternut
1 Skein Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes, Worsted, Natural
1 Skein Knitpicks' Alpaca Cloud, Autumn
1 Skein Knitpicks' Paint Your Own, Laceweight, Natural (hanks cut and dyed assorted colors)
1 Skein Random Blue Acrylic Yarn?
1 Skein Random Lt. Blue Acrylic Yarn (that kind with the aloe in it)
1 Skein Randon Med. Blue Acrylic Yarn (also with aloe)
1 Skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease, worsted, white
1 Skein Paton's Upcountry, tan
1 Skein Opal, Fingering weight, var. blue (half-made sock attatched)
1 Skein Silky Wool, Indigo
1 SkeinSilky Wool, muted brown-taupe?
1 Skein Bernat Sock Yarn, grey
1 Skein Wool of the Andes, natural, dyed with natural indigo
1 Skein Southwest Trading Company Beyond Bold, knobbly green
1 Skein Bernat Denim Style, green and white
1 Skein Some Kinda red, flat yarn, with colorful bits in it.

Total Skeins: 123, plus assorted recycled cashmere and wool yarns (mostly laceweight) that I haven't gotten around to skeining, but it's got to be a couple pounds because those sweaters were fucking heavy.

Yarn Diet Goal: Knit down to 50 Skeins

Caveat: I've been planning the Dreaded Boyfriend Sweater for over two months, so getting yarn for that particular project doesn't count as falling off the wagon. Anything I get with it, will.

Projects Overview #1

Past Projects:

1. Cotton Beanie, gifted to Gamer-K. Was supposed to be a cabbie-style hat, and somehow ended up with a beanie, but she loved it anyway. Ran out of yarn, could not complete brim. Thank god beanies don't need them. Cost: $10, Yarn: Cotton Twist from LYS. Any leftovers? Not a yard.

2. TwinSister's Scarf, awaiting birthday. Alternated 4 rows of garter, 1 row of that garter where you make it really long by wrapping the yarn around a few times. Whatever it's called. Anyway, it's the style she likes, and it's finished, so all is well. Cost: $5, Yarn: Silky Wool from LYS. Any leftovers? I could make another scarf of the same type out of the ball. Maybe an extra-long one.Update: Decided it was too short, added on another few repeats, may use thw whole skein and have it be super-long.

3. Dishcloths. Cotton. Cheap. Boring. Totally don't count as projects, but I've been donating them to Katrina victims via the LYS, so I'm putting them on here anyway.

Current Projects:

1. Mariah from Knitty, on size 7 circs, with 10 skeins of worsted-weight Wool-ease in Ivory. It's 80% acrylic/20% Wool, which is really bothering my Yarn Snob instincts, but by gad it defines the stitches well, doesn't split, and has been heavenly to work with so far. Also, if I hate it when it's done, I can give it to my sister for christmas. So there. Also, I'm officially Fucking Up The Pattern to get it ALL done on circs, because I hate seaming. Amount done: Less than 1 sleeve.

2. Knit for the Cure Scarf, pink Luscious and crochet cotton, double stranded, with some shimmery-type acrylic alternated with the Luscious to create the contrast. I can't really can't describe it here, but there will be pictures forthcoming. Amount done: 3/15 4" Squares.

Future Projects:

1. The Dreaded Boyfriend Sweater, to be knit out of KnitPicks Merino wool, in Cinnamon. He just wants plain stockingette, round neck with 2/2 ribbing, with two stripes of undyed Wool of the Andes across the chest approx. 1" apart. Thank god for a boyfriend who knows what he wants.... and while I know it's mindless knitting, at least he'll wear it this way.

In the Beginning

In the Beginning, there was Knitting. And it was good. It was so good, that Knitting begat the Stash, and the Stash was good. Then the Stash overgrew its bounds, and became the Hoard, which was definitely Not Good. Thus, the Blog was born, to give documentation to the Hoard, and whittle it away until it becomes the Stash once more. And lo, it was so. And it was good.