Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon?

So, it looks like I may be able to get a new job after all; they're desperate for cashiers at one of the cafeterias on campus, and for two dollars more an hour I'm willing to do it. Luckily, I've just about finished updating all the notes for what I do, plus I'm at the end of a very big project. Now is a good time to go. Food service still sucks, but it sucks for 1.5 times the pay and 0.6 the hours, so I'm down with it.

In other news, found a flea on the cat today, so into the tub he went! He doesn't struggle too bad, but he cries like, well... a drowning cat. In two inches of water. But ain't nothing funnier than a previously overweight wet cat. Seriously. His pot belly flaps when he walks!

And finally, Galveston begins today. I had lost some of my notes, but sat down with some graph paper and figured it all out again. This is going to be such an awesome shawl. The only thing is? Now that I've seen (admittedly, in my head) how awesome the pattern is, I want to use a better yarn. And I happen to have some naturally-colored Tussal silk laceweight that's begging for use. Just not ... enough. About a third, maybe half of what I need, I have.

So what's a poor college girl to do? Make the pattern in the yarn originally planned, and spend no money, or in the superior-quality yarn, spend some money that I really shouldn't but could probably make work, and maybe increase the possibility of the pattern selling 'cause of the nice pretty yarn? Comments are open. I could use the advice.


Anonymous said...

see what you find on your trip

AlisonH said...

Green dye. You just need some green dye. My friend Karen warned me, when she sold me some, about her cat climbing into her dyepot but only for that green dye--but then she turned around and suddenly found herself with a green cat. The talk of the neighborhood. So: I dyed a bunch of wool one day, and only when I brought out the green did the neighbor's cat, who'd been sitting watching all morning, climb in and refuse to be shooshed away. I apologized to the neighbor (although, this one at least was a mostly-black cat...)

So, see? You want to bathe the cat and make it the life of the party, you can do it all in one swoop.