Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Harglesnaurfr... pie.

So, the mystery cat belongs to the neighbors, so he's back home. Icar-ish is halfway done with the second edging chart, the Fleece Artist mohair in Seashore has come in, and it's breathtakingly beautiful. I spun up about 2oz of the BFL, two ply fingering-weight, almost 200 yards. I hate my job. I have been assigned homework every day of class so far, in every class, home work assignments that are in the thousands of words each. The internet keeps going down, Sweetie doesn't want to contribute to our moving fund (so I'm putting in an extra $200 a month and he can feed both of us AND the cats), which means I need to get a new job, which means I need one FAST, which means (le sigh) food service again.

For the record? I fucking hate food service. But somehow, I'm fucking bred for it or something, because I can do food service in my sleep and do a better job than most people. Such is my blessing and my curse.

And speaking of curses, the one-skein seasilk shawl pattern? Not really as... impressive as I'd hoped. You start by casting on a large number of stitches, then do your increases at sides and center as per usual, with a really open stitch in the middle, and... I don't understand why that wouldn't make a V shape. Think about it! Two right triangles put together make one LARGE right triangle. Cut the right angles off and you have two trapezoids making a V shape!

But I'm swatching, and we'll see. At least the yarn looks like it should rip back well.

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