Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Maybe I should actually post my new years resolutions, what with it being the third and all.

1. Finish Icar-ish, FF&L, Fox's Scarf, and Sue-at-work's Hat.

2. Design and knit the Galveston shawl that lives in my brain (silk noil laceweight, natural color).

3. Knit the one-skein seasilk shawl from Lettuce Knit (handmaiden seasilk, in some green and pink colorway).

4. Spin the 4oz of blue merino from the LYS into laceweight; if possible, make a scarf from it.

5. Make another Emma scarf, since I gave the original to my sister for christmas, and try to get the pattern published (or at least take a picture!).

6. Drink diet instead of regular soda (one exception per week), and two glasses of water a day.

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