Saturday, January 20, 2007

El Gato Comes to Town

So, updates on Sweetie: NOT a stomach ulcer after all. Specialists have been called, and we're waiting to make an appointment to see where in his guts there is a problem. However, despite all this mystery as regards his innards, he's feeling fine. No being sick in the mornings, no pain in his tummy, nothing like that. He's still on the bland diet, though, and will be until we are told he can come off it.

Now on to the real news: A CAT!

Right now there is an extra kitty in our house. He woke us up at 6:00 a.m., crying. We thought at first it was one of our own boys in another room, but it was the mystery cat (I like to call him Firefly) a couple doors down from us, meowing at the top of his lungs! We took him by the shelter to see if he's got a microchip (he doesn't), and went by the apartment offices of all the complexes in our area to see if he'd been reported missing (he hasn't), and put up signs in the mail rooms and laundrymats for said apartments with our cell numbers (so far, no calls), and after all that? I'm hoping he belongs to the people next door (the ones with the mean dogs, that they let out FREE in the mornings so they can chase me to the bus stop and theoretically also go pee). Thus far we haven't been able to get ahold of them, though I did get a nice glance of the mean dog so enraged by my EXISTING outside his window, much less knocking on HIS DOOR, that he felt the need to tear some decorative couch pillows to tiny bits. I was tempted to stick around and see how many he'd take out, but he's a pretty big dog and that pane of glass isn't getting any thicker should he decide to lunge against it. Discretion is the better part of not being mauled, after all.

In other news, Blue Face Howeveryouspellit? Great for spinning! I've already spun up a bit, it's working out well at around the same thickness as's laceweight, only much softer and with great luster! I'm thinking to spin up enough for a good-sized scarf, something squishy to wear with Emma maybe. Or maybe I could ply it, make a hat? Really, I'm just wanting to play with it >.> If a project comes out of this, all the better, but right now the pet skein would be a reward in and of itself.

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