Sunday, January 07, 2007

Galveston Shawl and Felted Clogs

So, I've worked out a stitch pattern for the jetties area of the Galveston shawl, and I think I have a way to start it from the center out. There are graphs, there are sketches, things are going well on that front - as soon as I can find my camera (it's either somewhere in the car, or in Beaumont) I'll post some pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I was over at Hastur's again tonight working on Fiber Trend's Felted Clogs pattern, which I picked up earlier this afternoon with a little yarn to make 'em. It's a varigated purple, with a dark purple accent color, very nice. What they don't tell you in the instructions (and are those the least intuitive instructions ever or what?) is that when finished but not felted, these clogs are the size of a small dog. Literally. We got Hastur-the-dog into the one I finished, and it fit him perfectly! I'll be working up the second one tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to put up a photo of the finished pair sometime soon :)

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