Monday, May 01, 2006

Say What Now?

Okay, so today at lunch we passed a bunch of people handing out frisbees with "Abortion Survivor!" printed on them. That's right, Abortion. Survivor. Now, I don't really understand how something that I didn't experience I can have been said to survive - by their logic, any child who is not aborted is counted as an abortion survivor, regardless of whether or not the mother tried to get an abortion, or even seriously considered it as an option. By this logic, I am also a heart attack survivor, a breast cancer survivor, a fucking holocaust survivor and a veteran of every war that's ever been fought. Grah. Does my family have a lower than normal bullshit tolerance, or are people just that goddamn stupid?

I guess what really bugs me is that if I could go back and advise my mom when she first got pregnant with me and my sister, I would have said that she should have had an abortion. She was a 16 year old girl who'd run away from home after being raped, and was now knocked up by a 27 year old man. Hell yes she should have gotten an abortion! Then maybe she'd have been able to go to college then, instead of just starting classes now, and she wouldn't have had such a supremely shitty life. I love my mom, and I want her to be happy, and to be completely honest I'm sure my siblings and I could have waited ten years or so to have been born with no problem. So to all those folks who keep saying, "Yes, but you wouldn't have wanted YOUR mom to get an abortion, would you?" (as if that's some kind of a good argument), I deliver a ringing "Fuck you!" And you can keep your goddamn frisbee.

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Karin said...

You. Are. Awesome.