Saturday, May 20, 2006

Meat Overdose?

So this week was Sweetie's birthday, and we celebrated today because nobody (most notably Sweetie) had to work in the morning. Hastur, K-the-Knitter and I went to the University's meat shop (agricultural schools have butchering classes, see) to see what they had that we could grill up for dinner. For a tidy $4.65, Sweetie was treated to steaks the size of his head. The entire extended company of guests (7 people, ourselves included) was filled to the gills with meat for about $40, and we could have fed two more. And while I did stop and think of how incredibly lucky we are to be living in a place where fire is the optional cooking method, where food and clean water is cheap and plentiful, most of the night I was just fighting off the post-steak fullness + warmth = sleep phenomena which is my usual plan of action. Seriously, you fill be up with anything and give me a warm comforter to snuggle in, and I'm out all night. I don't expect to be hungry again until tuesday.

In knitting news, the LYS didn't have a bamboo size 4 circ in stock in anything longer than a 24" cord, so she's ordering me one. 36" or longer, it's all good at that point, I just needs me a needle that can hold all of these stitches! Since it'll be a week until the new stuff's in, I picked up another 24" one, and tried to work it on both, like you do with socks if for some baffling reason you're not DPN-friendly (seriously, I know some folks just aren't, and while I can respect that, I don't understand it at all). That... that didn't work well. So I got some 12" dowels and made DPNs of them, a set of five 12" size 4 DPNs. You'd think that four 12" dowels (48" total) would be able to hold the same amount of stitches as were being held on a 24" cord with less crowding - you'd think that, but evidently you'd be wrong. God I hope the new needles comes in soon.

In other news, I got a new job :) I start on monday. Oddly, the strongest points of the interview seemed to be around knitting and working at Pizza Hut, and my almost two years of secretarial work since then didn't come up at all.

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Knittinreed said...

Glad you were able to celebrate on the given day! That sounds like a lot of meat...
Good luck on the new job.