Thursday, May 04, 2006

Orenburg Experiment

Okay, so I've been (obviously) thinking of spinning up some laceweight for a shawl, most probably of the Orenburg or Shetland variety. I had been doing all my spinning of the crimson grease wool on my homemade handspindles (.2 oz each, got to love those featherweights), and today I got the hankering to start up on the wheel again. I haven't played with Babe in a while (really must think of a better name - you know, I've actually been considering Krishna, and I had all these ideas to decorate him with lunchbox Krishna art and whatnot - think I'll leave him plain for the time being. I wouldn't want to get his treadles all sticky with varnish anyway.) and it was good to get back in the habit. I started spinning up some of that grey Brown Sheep mill-end wool I'd gotten a while back, and it's really turning out lovely. I can't decide if I'd want to dye it or leave it a lovely grey - plus I'm coming to terms with laceweight yarns that are closer to actual laceweight. Right now my singles are probably between 30-50 wpi, dunno what it'll end up like plied, but regardless I'll try and find a pattern where they'll turn out good. I'm thinking maybe peacock feathers? Maybe the Snowdrift Shawl from Yarnharlot? Anyway, I'll think of something. My shawls are getting progressively smaller as I go, from the DK weight stole for K., to the alpaca/silk fingering weight for me, to this one I'm spinning. I'll get good on that hampster floss yet.

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