Monday, May 15, 2006

Silk and Cashmere

So, I've got in my posession three large hanks of laceweight silk noil yarn, a wonderfully soft (in the way that cotton is soft, almost), wonderfully organic, textured yarn. This is a yarn with personality. This is a yarn that wants to be made into a more meaty shawl - something more earthy, slightly rustic, where the sheer overwhelming awesomeness of this yarn will work with the pattern, instead of competing. I had thought to use it for Frost Flowers, but I got impatient and cast on with the Baby Silk while this was waiting in the mail, and, well, you know how that turned out. But something as sumptuous as Frost Flowers, something that would benefit from maybe being a little chunky, that's what I want to knit with this. Not now, of course - now is Frost Flowers time. But soon. Maybe after the weddings, during the family trip that I may just be able to go to? Maybe in the time I'll sit around the house missing my Sweetie, if I can't attend? Regardless, soon. So I needs me a chunky earthy meaty pattern to take up space in my imagination.

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