Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shawl Pattern Wishlist

So, there are a lot of shawls (and other things) that I've been looking at recently, that I would like to buy the patterns for. I list them here, so that I can find them easily and drool over them. And when I have a job again, I will celebrate by blowing $50 on patterns. And it shall be good.

Blackberry Ridge has many of these. If I blow my cash there, I can save on shipping :)

Spider Queen **
Flirty Ruffles (fiddlesticks!)
Tina Shawl
Garden Shawl **
The Obligatory Peacock Feathers
Poinsetta Shawl **
Song Of Hiawatha
Faroese Flower (oddly, the only Faroese I've liked so far)
Legends of the Shetland Seas (really iffy on this one)
Summer in Kansas

Then, of course, there are things like the baby squid hat. Who doesn't love that?


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