Thursday, May 11, 2006

Frost Flowers Baby Silk Shawl

So, I've been working on the Frost Flowers shawl from A Gathering of Lace and it's turning out lovely - everything I could have dreamed it would be. I started out with 22 balls of Elann's baby silk in Oxblood (inspired by Eunny's lovely red shawl, but much less pricey than pure hand-dyed laceweight silk, lovely as it may be), and I'm just now finishing the first repeat of the second chart, and my third ball. I think I've decided that I want this shawl to be a wower - I want folks to whistle in appreciation as I walk by in this sucker, so it MUST be at least a six foot square. The original pattern, of course, calls for laceweight yarn and sixe 6 needles to produce a six foot square, and I'm doing fingering weight on 4s, so I'm fairly certain that more repeats of the second chart will be in order to get this puppy the size I want. I'm terribly free today at work, so I'll be putting in a lifeline and dryblocking it on the floor right quick. I've been marking where, row-wise, my balls have been ending, and it looks like I'm getting about 5-6 thousand stitches per ball (I'm pretty sure my first ball was short, but let's say 5000 to be safe). So once I block it and measure from the last lifeline to the new one, which is the entirity of chart B, and measure the current width, I'll know how many repeats (assuming the third chart takes the same amount of width as the second one, it's comparable on number of rows) of the second chart I want to add to get my width, and I can calculate how many stitches there'll be in each progressive chart repeat (including adding the extra pattern repeat on the final chart for each chart B I add), and figure out how much I can get out of the balls I'll have. Hopefully, this will let me maxamize the amount of this yarn that I can fit into this shawl - who cares if it's monstrously huge! It's a shawl! There's only one very small step from shawl to blanket.


Wow. So I've got more done that I'd thought! The first chart and first repeat of the second constitute a good chunk of this shawl. I'm still going t measure it and see how big it'll be at the end, but right now, of the seven repeats included in the pattern, this is what I've got done:

Impressive, no?

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