Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fixing a Cuddlefish (cutting in)

Okay, people. It's go time on the Cuddlefish rehabilitation project. The top two tentacles (which were the wrong sizes) have been ripped back, and 0000 needles have been slipped into the stitches above and below where we are going to make our first incision. Let us first take stock of the patient.





So now let us begin.

We have placed the needles three rows apart, so there is room for the new mantle ridge in the overall patterning. Begin by making two incisions in the middle of each row, to cut both yarns, and unravel each of the 3 rows to the ends. To make things easier on yourself, braid those loose ends.

You should now have a good-sized opening in the middle of your Cuddlefish. This is terrifying. You may wish to lay down. The wrong side of the mouth-pocket and beak are clearly visible.

This, right here where we are? This is an okay place to be. Unravelling 3 rows of fingering-weight stranded colorwork is no mean feat. Plus, it's late, and you're tired, so make a quick blog post and then go to bed.

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