Friday, May 02, 2008

Month of May - No Yarn, No Roving

So, I'm not buying any yarn or roving for the entire month of May. Some of this is prompted by financial reasons - moving is expensive as hell - and some by the sheer amount of yarn and roving that I have in my stash (which I have just moved, and so I know exactly how much that is now). Also, I want to know that this is something that I can do - I can resist buying luxury items, even if I want them a whole, whole lot.

On the upside, though? Come June, I'm going to have a rocking list of things to get. I'm going to celebrate with Ingeo, Milk-fiber, Seacell, and some longwool locks (to try something new in my spinning). And of course, the money I save on fiber is going partly into regular savings, and partly into savings for a Drum Carder (strauch petit, with brush attachment). Yes, it's a luxury item, and no, I don't need it to live. And come the end of summer, it will be mine.


HasturTorres said...

I challenge you to go three months without any purchases. Can you do it?

Kit said...

Solidarity, yo. I've already thought of ten books I reeeeeeally want.

Although, would it be breaking your May Vow if my mom had some (I hope I'm spelling this right) Koigu Painter's Pallette premium merino that she'd love to give you? She says it's gorgeous and in perfect condition, but she has no idea what she'd use it for.

Anonymous said...

There is never a time in my life when I will turn down free Koigu. Is there anything she'd like in return? I make a mean plushie.