Monday, April 21, 2008

Progressing Nicely

So, I had told myself, at the beginning of April, that I was not going to buy either yarn or roving until the end of May. I was very good about this, and turned away from many temptations. I did pick up three small patterns (in my continuing theme of sea creatures kick ass), but otherwise I was pristine.

Then we went to Austin and visited K-the-Knitter, MissKate on Ravelry. She's working on her first lace project, and I am so happy for her! It's Wisp, from last summer's Knitty, and she's knitting it on beautiful Malabrigo laceweight.

Now, see, I have never seen Malabrigo laceweight, and only seen the worsted weight once or twice. But lo! she tells me. There's a new knitting place in austin, and we must go! And so we go. And Mr Sweetie gives me some money and tells me to have fun. And you know what? I do.

The afore-mentioned Malabrigo laceweight

Some Baby Ull, because it is the exact shade of the Malabrigo. Seriously, how often does that happen?

Some Cascade 220 Superwash, with which to make a hat

And of course, I worked on my Irish Miss scarf. For something knit on 0s, it's going pretty fast.

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