Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grar, Housecleaning

Okay, so we got the keys to the new place, and I went in to give it a good once-over. Now, we'd seen it once before already, but briefly, and I'd kinda forgotten how small some of the rooms were, but that's okay.

I had assumed, though, that the general musty-dustiness around the place was going to be, say, cleaned up before we got in. Like, the million years of dust on the light fixtures, and the mold that I specifically pointed out to the agent while we were on our tour. I get in today, though, and guess what? Not fixed.

We got permission to take down the 12 square feet of ugly-ass green wallpaper from the top of the cabinets (there is no wallpaper anywhere else in the house) and paint over that area, but when we (and by 'we' I mean Mr. Hastur, who had come by to see the new place) took down the wallpaper we discovered not only more mold, but that the wallpaper had been - get this - taped to the walls. Seriously.

So, tomorrow I'm calling in a work order. Two mold spots in two different rooms (in Texas, where mold is a Big Fucking Deal) means we aren't moving our stuff in until it's taken care of. So I'm going to ask the agents to arrange a professional carpet cleaning with Microban, and a mold investigation besides. Grah. It makes me wonder if we picked the wrong place.

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