Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's official - we're getting Maggie!

The current foster-mom is fine with holding her for us until the end of the month (so we can get the place and the cat settled in first), and she's also fine with letting us have playdates with Maggie, or even just taking her for the day :) I'm really excited.

We get the keys to the new place on Tuesday, and by then I should have the kitchen boxed up so we can move that in first thing. I figure our order of operations is going to be Kitchen - Bedroom - Bathroom - Living Room - Hobby Room. By starting in the kitchen we'll have the opportunity to measure the other rooms (there was no floor plan that came with the place, so we're making our own) while still making a good amount of headway. There is SO MUCH counter space at the new place, we might even be able to fit all of our appliances! Also, Mr Sweetie's sister and her husband may have found us a table and some chairs, so we might have something approaching an actual dining area soon! I'm charging up the camera batteries tonight, so I can take everyone on a proper photo-tour next week. This is so exciting.

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Tuck said...

Yay for teh Maggiedog!!!!!! XD