Monday, August 21, 2006

Luke, I Am Your Plot Device

So, my friend Hastur the cross-stitcher has been trying to convert me for ages. I can dig it. I do the same to her. At any rate, during my bout with Tendonitis, I was weakened. I wanted to go over to the Dark Side. I wanted to stitch the Japanese Octogonal Box by Chatelaine.

"We could each get the pattern," she says. "We can work on it together, won't that be fun?"

I am tempted.

"They even have DMC conversions, so the materials won't cost you a million million dollars."

I weaken. Then the kicker:

"Think about it - you could put your tea in it!"

Damn you, cross-stitch, and your siren song! You had to tag-team me with the tea, didn't you?

I'm going to hobby lobby after work.

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