Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, it turns out there was enough yarn for only four diamonds, so four it is. The scarf is finished, rudimentarily blocked (i.e. I stretched it out wet, fussed over it, and let it dry ultimately without pins) and looking wonderful. I did manage to get a full 60" out of it (go figure!) and it's much wider than I'd thought it would be.

So, yes. I love it. And for those of you huffy about my post-tendonitis marathon knitting this weekend to finish it, fret not. My hand started hurting again last night. I'll take it easy at least till the end of the month. Until Sock Wars, at any rate.

So classes begin today. Fun, eh? I'm taking 8 credit hours of classes, 3 credit hours in the Rat Lab, and 23 actual hours of work, all before 5 p.m. Since these classes actually take 13 hours to attend, and Rat Lab is a 10 hours committment, I've actually comitted 46 out of 54 hours this semester (if I work 9 hours days 6 days a week).

Good times!

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