Monday, August 07, 2006

Crap in a Hat!

Well, it's official. I knit my wrist off. Or rather, I knit myself into a fine case of tendonitis. I'm now having to maneuver the strange world of the right-handed, while my left is lovingly enclosed ina stiff brace (which, incidentally, gives me karate-chop action). The doc told me not to knit for at least a week, and to take it easy after that. I figure that "taking it easy" will mean only knitting heavy things (like the bobble top, which I only need to do the front from the armpits up to finish) while sitting down, and leaving those light, lacey scarves as my walking-to-class projects.

Basically, flexing my wrist? Hurts like a bitch, for three days now. Heat makes me feel better, cold makes the injury get better while I live all ache-y and irritable. No knitting for a week!

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Cathy said...

I'm sorry you're injured. I hope you heal soon so you can get back to knitting! But you're definately a hardcore knitter, now. I can't say I've ever knitted to the point of injury. Get well soon!

Yeah! Somebody else who likes tea! It seems like a rare thing among the younger crowds. Die, Starbucks, die!