Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anya Scarf

I woke up today with barely any hand pain whatsoever. It only hurts when I put actual pressure on it, not when it just gets the least bit bendy. I even forgot to wear my wrist brace today, that's how good I'm feeling. Well, that and I remembered it after my neighbor's mean-ass beagle charged at me (WTF is up with letting your MEAN dog sit around unattended, outside on a chain that can REACH THE SIDEWALK when you KNOW he'll try and bite someone? In one million degree weather? I'm complaining to her when I go home today), and I didn't feel hurty enough in the wrist to dare bite marks on the ass. I hate that woman and her dogs.

Anyway, tolerable wrist discomfort = take-it-easy knitting! So no giant sweaters until I go home (must get done with this godawful bobble top), which means it's time for lace!

I've written out the chart for the scarf I'm submitting to YarnMonkey, and sent it to her on the off-chance I can actually finish it in time. If not, I'll still have a bitchin' awesome scarf, envy of all the land, and I'll post the pattern. I'm measuring the unblocked length, since it's merino and this is texas, but I'll block it out nice and pretty for the photographs. So far I have about three inches - tiny, measly thing it is. But oh so pretty. I do love her so.

I've decided to call this scarf Anya. Not only is it a pretty, russian-sounding name to fit a pretty, russian-themed scarf (no actual orenburg construction, but orenburg designs), but also because, nerds that we are, Sweetie and I recently finished watching the final season of Buffy, and Anya is my favorite character. She finally defines herself NOT in relation to other people, faces her fears, and dies in the most human way possible - protecting others against impossible odds. Hokey, yes, but I don't care. It's my scarf and I'll call it what I like.

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