Monday, August 14, 2006

The Joys of Mate (MAH-tay)

So, the other night we went over to some friends' house, Hastur and Mr. Haster, another library/gamer couple that we've known for years yet I now realize I haven't mentioned yet on the blog. At any rate, the subject of tea came up, and of my crazy zealousness acquiring and drinking new varieties since my hand is still all kinds of fucked up (though feeling markedly better; I was even able to knit two inches on the lace scarf this weekend with only moderate wristly tightness), and Mr. Hastur brought up that he'd had something called Mate while in South America for the peace corps. Like rooibos and honeybush, it's an herb that's treated like tea (except it's not roasted), and damn tasty besides. He'd picked up a mix that Republic of Tea makes (the mate latte), and HOOBOY was that good stuff. So it's funny, now, that my favorite teas are for the most part not teas at all. I'm looking into more traditional methods of making it (out of curiosity and also fun - you drink it loose-leaf with a filtered straw and that sounds cool as hell), and www.mymateworld looks like a promising place.

Also, my week in a brace has been fun, and will hopefully end soon. It did really (REALLY) help my wrist, so I'm going to be knitting a pair for future use under slightly less dire circumstances. I figure I'll keep the pocket for the metal bar that keeps you from bending, and add a pocket on the top to hold a heat pad or ice pack. And, of course, dye it fun color in superwash wool :) Etsy here I come!

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