Monday, April 03, 2006

Getting the Hang of Things

In Wool news, the sorting goes well, one of our gaming group brought over a new friend and she helped me go through the wool this weekend. I've been doing more lock-by-lock washing on the stove, and I'm still getting waxy buildup on the tips, but flicking them beforehand may take care of that, and I now know to cold-soak them to remove what dust isn't stuck in the lanolin (and much of the VM!). One of the folks on the fiberlist had a good idea, layer locks and mesh in a handbasket (like at the grocery store) and use that to soak! I'll have to see if K. has any of her tulle left. The individual locks are spindling very well, I was getting 60-70 WPI from what I'd spun at work, though I haven't tried them on the wheel quite yet. I'm thinking I might weigh out a half-pound or so of the raw wool and see what kind of yield I'm getting, and how many yards of cobwebweight I can spin from that (and ultimately, how many shawls I could get from my 5# lot).

In Knitting news, the new MagKnits is up! I'm really liking the look of Calla, and I may start spinning for it. It needs about 685 yards of DK weight, so 12-14 WPI should do me well, call it about a half pound? I have about that much of the S. African Finewool left, and I need the practice making different weights anyway (they can't ALL be laceweight, after all).

In other news, the bellydance recital is this sunday, and whoopstock this saturday, and both days I plan to spend slingin' mud as fast as I can! I mixed up 100g of Summer 05 Jamila henna with lemon juice and super-fine sucrose and terped it with fresh Tea Tree EO. I'm getting awesome stains from just a day and a half to dye release, A5 on the back of the hand, and I only took the paste off this morning! I'll do the palm either tonight or tomorrow, to see if another day releasing indoors helps the color any, or if it's as good already as it's likely to get. I haven't had a batch this good in quite some time :)

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