Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

Well, the Beaverslide fleece arrived today, and I have to admit I'm underwhelmed. While the picture showed fibers of about five inches length, the description quotes four inches, and my handy-dandy ruler says it's more like three. This is dissapointing. I'm currently washing up a few locks to see if there's an extra inch hidden somewhere I didn't know about. More on this tonight, after PSA.

Oh man! So, I had test-washed a few locks in a little cup in my sink, and goddamn! The little scrap of smelly, more dirty than I expected, are you sure this is gonna work wool became a soft, fluffy cloud! It's like a magic trick, with a prize at the end! This was SO worth it! It hasn't gotten any longer, but I'm okay with that. Just the supreme and utter transformation is enough for me at this point.

Holy crap. I tried to wash some of this in the tub? Soaking, with dish detergent, no agitation, rinse cycles, the whole lot - and this is the ugliest mass of fibers I have seen in my life. How the everliving fuck did people DO all this when that was what you needed so you could have clothes? FUCK!

I am in serious need of some help and some tips and some people who know what they're doing. If you are a person in the BCS area who knows what the fuck they're doing, please leave a comment!

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Eve said...

Hi, it gets better. It may not have gotten clean in one wash. A small sample will get clean in one wash but if it is merino it is VERY hard to get CLEAN. Especially without matting the fiber together. I frequently wash fleeces before sending them for processing (to save a buck or two)but sometimes do not have them clean enough. I did get a product now called FiberMaster that does a fantastic job of cleaning greasy fleeces. It's real expensive but I am on my second bottle of it cause I can use it for dishes and other cleaning problems and I LOVE it. Get hold of me at if you still need help. Do put wool or something about spinning in the subject line or I send to spam folder.