Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ftahgn!

So, I was feeling really down today for no apparent reason, so Sweetie and I took off work early (just coincidence that we both could afford to) and picked up some Super Sculpey and played around. We were both in a Mythos sort of mood, so he made an Elder Sign (the branch-y one, not the star one) and I made a miniature for my character in our Eberron game, and a Cthulhu drop spindle.

The character I play is Roscoe, the least warlike of all the Warforged. Unlike his construct bretheren, he was made to be a lab assistant, and is therefore no hulking monstrosity designed to smash the enemy. Rather, he is tall, kinda gangly for a construct, honestly just downright goofy. Roscoe, yes, started out as a joke of how far I could push the "dorky warforged" joke before our GM killed him off (turns out that hotpants are okay, a pet chicken to throw in possibly trapped hallways is not), and now he's so beloved by the other players that the Eberron game is actually referred to as "the Roscoe campaign". I'll try and bring him to school tomorrow and get a scan in - I'm really quite proud of him.

The drop spindle I'm actually a little iffy on, right now. It's got a 3mm thick oak dowel, and a sculpey whorl of Cthulhu's squidly face and tentacles (suckers included). Being ceramic-like, I'm terrified of breaking it, and from a purely practical point of view it spins a little lopsided (face = more mass than tentacles). I'm not sure if a thicker dowel would help more, or a shorter one, or adding in some weight in the center, or what - but it does spin, and since it weighs only 0.65oz total, it does spin laceweight like I like to do. I've got two more in the works for friends who are taking a spindling class on monday.

Also, I made a wrist distaff today - I followed the directions from this site ( but there appears to be something buggy with the actual site, so leave me a note if you want the instructions, or do the quicker thing and look up the cached page off Google (as I did). I didn't do the beads on mine, as I was walking out the door when I pulled it together, but I'm really liking it so far. It's much more handy than I would have given it credit for, plus it looks super awesome, and that's always a plus. I think I'll make another out of that yellow handspun I've got tons of :) Or maybe some of the blue?

Anyway, all told, had a rough start but it was a good day. Didn't go to any of my classes, but my homework got in on time yesterday and I know there are no tests this week so fuck class temorarily while I go play with sculpey. Come on, Roscoe. We out.

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