Monday, April 24, 2006

Earthday and Spinning in the Grease

Man, I totally forgot today was earthday until it was on the Daily Show tonight. Which is funny, since I finally picked up some Peace Fleece rovings! Like, four colors. Two friends went down to the LYS for a spinning class and I tagged along, showing off the Cthulhu drop spindle and whatnot. The teacher is in the spinning guild around here, we talked and eventually traded some of her (absofreakinglutely gorgeous) scarlet lanolin-included roving for some of my undyed lanolin-free South African wool. I definitely made out better in this trade, this stuff is lovely! It's dying my cheap-ass homemade spindle (and hands!) blue, but it's spinning up like a dream, I had no idea how much easier frog hair was to spin with yarns like this! There's I think somewhere around 3-6 ounces, so I should be able to make up a shawl with it :) I'm really excited. If this turns out as well as I think it will, I may rethink my washing strategie on the Stinky Fleece.

About the Peace Fleece, though - I got four colors, 3-5 oz of each, so enough to play with. I got that lovely Orange color (I couldn't resist it when it was the only skein of yarn in that color, how can I be expected to resist it in fiber form?), a harvest-y red, a burgundy (loves me some burgundy), and a light lavender that matches just so with K.'s wedding reception shawl that I've been working on. Which, by the way, is more than 2/3 of the way done, thank you very much! There are ten final repeats to have done by the end of the month, and over a whole ball with which to do them, so I'm feeling very confident in my ability to get this shit done right. And now, I go and work more on it, while eyeing the red grease lace and wishing I was working on that.

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