Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Formula: Success!

Whohoo! So, my The Formula for washing merino? Totally worked! I flicked raw, colkd-washed, hot-washed, let dry, and today I have three lovely rows of super-clean no-yellow-gummy-ends Merino locks! They are well into the process of rocking my whole face off, starting with the nose. I'm spinning it up at about 50 wpi at the moment (taking a break from the 70 wpi silk I've been doing all week - my poor eyesight!) and I hope to make a little lace hanky or whatnot out of it and see how it goes. Then, of course, I've got to try spinning it at an even DK weight (11 wpi, how will I ever get it that large?) for both Magknit's Calla and Eunny's vest. 'Cause nothing says 'nerd chic' like a handspun, handdyed, handknit argyle vest.

Also, I've been trying to find a good guide on wpi classifications once you get smaller than fingering weight. Laceweight seems to be a pretty consistant 22 wpi, and according to some folks on Knitter's Review at least one brand's cobweb is 32 wpi, which makes me suspicious that I have entered into the realm of yarns for which there is no classification. I think I'll try and make something up if it turns out that I have been spinning finer than the classifications go - and I'll have to ask Fiberlife what her average wpi is on her "frog hair", so I can add it to the list :)

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