Monday, October 03, 2005

Fell Off The Wagon

I fell off the wagon today.

I ordered a lot of angora/wool yarn off ebay. I know I should regret this... I certainly don't need more yarn. But all I keep thinking is, oh, angora. I've never knit angora before. But then, since what I got is a blend, it makes me want to get more, 100% angora yarn, to see how it's different.

I also looked up pricing on cashmere yarns, but that was a good thing. It inspired me to finish recycling that lovely green monstrosity I got at the thrift store. I need to learn to spin, so I can make this cobweb cashmere less prone to breaking. And so I can do something usefull with all the floof my cat leaves on my black shirts - I'm having fun imagining giving a cat-yarn scarf to mom's boyfriend for christmas, and watching his eyes swell shut. That would be awesome.

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