Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Christmas Planning

Ideas for Christmas Projects

Hat for TwinSister (to go with birthday scarf?)
Some kinda punkish scarf and/or guitar strap for PrimaryBrother (knitty?)
Plush squid for LittlerBrother (muahaha, cephalopods of doooooom!)
Scarf for Mom
Socks for Dad (worsted weight)
Scarf for Aunt (branching out from knitty)
Scarf for Uncle (chunky garter)
Scarves for Sweetie's mom and sister (need something classy and practical)
Scarves for S.-in-Dallas, T.-in-Dallas, L.-in-Galvy (same patt as TwinSister's birthday scarf)
Silly hat for Sweetie's dad

Ideas that can wait 'till after christmas

Sweater for Sweetie (no time limit)
Baby clothes for PregnantFriend (this can wait at least 6 months)

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