Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Giant Fuckoff Coat

So, it's finally starting to get cold here in texas - here, at the ass-end of october, we are finally starting to experience some pseudo-fall weather. Since the freezing months will soon be upon us, I have decided that my 10 year old, beat-up, torn-up, much-loved jacket is ready to be retired. Ergo, I'll be needing some new form of jacketry, and I've thought I might like to knit that.

My jacket will need:
- Warmth (at least 50% wool)
- To cut the wind (nice tight gague)
- To come down to the knees
- Sleeves to the ends of my fingers
- Giant fuckoff pockets
- Big neck protection
- Something interesting to knit, so that I love it
- Be fast to make

This pattern from knitty can serve as a jumping-off point, I think. Only mine will be less lumpy frumpy and more sleek hotness. Sketches forthcoming.

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