Friday, December 22, 2006

Well, Crap.

Okay, so I finally finished my Christmas shopping. I got my dad something that plugs into the TV so he can play Ms. Pac-Man (one of his old favorites) and PrimaryBrother a nice pocketknife, and LittlerBrother I'm just finishing the DS case for. The problem? Now TwinSister's hat looks like an insufficient gift. So what's a girl to do, but give away the Emma scarf? Hopefully I'll get to take a picture of her wearing it, and use that to pimp the pattern. Or maybe I'll just post it up here for free - honestly, I just want to get some damn pics of it up already.

Speaking of segues, I got some nice yarn up at Hill Country Weavers this past weekend. I got two skeins of apple-green kid mohair (about 1000 yards total) and a nice Merino gossamerweight, about 1500 yards by itself. They're not going to count towards the Challenge, but I don't care. Oh, and I finished a sleeping socklet - it's got latex in the inside of the heel, so I can put mousturizer in it. I think it's pretty swanky.

So, I guess it's time to head out. I'd like to take my wheel with me this time, but what with the cats in the car there isn't going to be room. So until next time, my dears: Same Persian time, same Persian channel.

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