Thursday, December 14, 2006


So, Fox's scarf is coming along slower than I'd hoped. I switched to some hairpin crochet, but then I remembered I suck at crochet, so right now me and this scarf are in somewhat of a standoff. In other news, I made TwinSister a nice, cabled brown hat (using the chart from Shedir, only with 2-stitch cables instead of 1-stitch, and over worsted weight - I really must post a picture), and now I'm making myself one to match since I love it that hard. LittlerBrother is getting an old-school NES controller-shaped DS case (a la Craftster), Dad I'm hoping to get an orange tree... so that just leaves PrimaryBrother and Mom to shop for. If PrimaryBrother was living in the dorms I'd get him, you know, dorm things, a whiteboard and a box of condoms (hey, he's 18, he should have something on hand). Maybe I still will. For Mom... you know, 24 years I've known her and she's no easier to shop for. Maybe I should give her this other hat I'm making? Or make her one like it? She's in the used RV business now, so she needs some classy cold-weather gear. Sweetie is trying to make a knotwork bracelet out of ParaCord for FavCousin, if that works out well I'd like to do something similar for PrimaryBrother maybe.

Oh, and I hate my job. Nothing new there, except that I'm actively looking to replace it now.

I guess that's about all for updates at the moment. That, and that I plan to fall off the wagon this weekend, since I'm going to be visiting K-the-knitter up in Austin and we'll actually get to go check out FUCKING HILL COUNTRY WEAVERS. Nothing I get there will be able to count towards the challenge, and I can't get any patterns, but I have enough for a modest yarn budget, and by gad, I'm a-getting some yarn.

And since it's been a while since I posted any of my old art, here you go (I used to have a thing for cats and horses, how cliche of me):

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