Friday, December 01, 2006

In Which the Persian Pen Name Learns a New Skill

Well, Fox's scarf? Not so much. I tried (and tried and tried) swatching for this thing, and no kind of scarf was it going to be. Plus, it made my hands hurt. So I called up my old nemesis, that dark art, that I swore never again to do once I first picked up my needles....

That's right. I crocheted.

Now, I'm certain that there are all kinds of people out there who are right handy at crochet. I'm sure they've made many a lovely thing, garments that would make me weep with joy to gaze upon, articles of lace and the pure fire of inspiration. Me? I am not that person. Crochet, with me, is all about speed and lack of hand-hurties. I can granny square with the best of 'em, but I'll hate myself (and the project) in the morning. I just don't like the look, feel, and textile qualities of crochet. That said, I started looking for a pattern.

Do you have any idea how many really bad scarf patterns there are for crochet? Fox wanted a "black, squishy scarf", and as long as those criteria were met she said she didn't really care how it looks. But I care. So on I searched.

Eventually, I came across this pattern from Saks Fifth Avenue. It said it was crocheted, and surprise! It didn't suck! Of course, it was a stitch with which I was unfamiliar, so I asked around on Craftster and eventually discovered that the center panels were made with Hairpin crochet (which to me, must explain the lack of suck). So I traded a loom for some yarn with Mr. Hastur (whose hat and scarf are going to look great, by the way) and started loopin'.

Damn you, hairpin crochet. Your siren song. Your speedy output of scarfly goodness. Your consistent tension and all around enjoyableness. Damn you for making me enjoy crocheting again.

Oh, and meme tracking? Totally cool. You guys should help out with this. Link to everyone's good buddy Scott (the grad student studying intarweb memes hoping to present at an MLA conference) and ping Technocrati.

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