Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hastur's Challenge - Level 1 Completed!

So, I finished the 10th project for Hastur's Challenge this week, a simple beanie knit out of Wool-Ease for Sweetie's sister. I'm actually quite surprised at how quickly these tem projects have worked up - I didn't change my style of knitting, I just refrained from buying a few patterns I otherwise would have picked up. Notably, Arianne and a few lace shawls. I did buy yarn once or twice (okay, three times), but twice was out of gift money and I didn't use them to make projects for the Challenge. I'm thinking for my reward, I'm going to go ahead and kit up for the Victoriana Top from Elann, in their baby silk. Maybe nab some yarn for Arianne while I'm there.

So, after this notable achievement, I've of course got to set up for the next level of the challenge - 15 projects before I buy my next pattern. I'm going to have two changes to my prior Challenge, one being that I can get Interweave Knits magazine when it comes out (I'd subscribe, but I'm so paranoid about moving and not getting an issue!), and I can buy yarn. I still have to make items out of yarn that is stash when I start the challenge - and I'm not starting yet, let me be clear on this - but I can acquire some stash yarn, when I'm in other cities and whatnot and need souveniers, and it counts for the next level of the challenge. This challenge will go into effect on the 15th of January, when the mini-mester is done and my schedule has calmed down some. I hope to finish Frost Flowers and Icar-ish, and those should count for quite a bit.

Speaking of Icar-ish, I picked up another copy of the Summer 06 IK to review the pattern. Turns out I have more than a few differences - I'm up a needle size, I've got eleven stitches per ray instead of nine, and I started it in a different place. So I need to take gague and see how it compares to the original, and from there see if I need to alter the number of rays from what the pattern dictates, and adapt the lace pattern a little to account for the extra stitches. I'm feeling pretty good about this, and since I got a digital camera for Christmas (thanks, PrimaryBrother!) I'll even have pictures to post!

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