Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock Wars

Well. Sock Wars started early due to weather complications over at Yarnmonkey's end of things - I found this out Saturday evening, when I got an email from my victim with a few corrections to her info. Now in a bit of a rush, with the only yarn store within 90 miles not open on Sundays, I went stashdiving and found a nice angora/wool yarn to match with some more of that recycled angora/nylon that I'm making Emma from (seriously, I've got mounds off this stuff, I haven't even used all the yarn from the crazy-neck). I know these yarns do good by each other, since that's what LittlerBrother's christmas hat was made from last year, and aside from the size (seriously, 12 year olds should NOT have the same size head as me!) he had no complaints.

So I cast on, and through a fruitful day I manage to get all the way through the cuff and finish the heel flap of the first sock. Rock on, I thought, I might have a chance at this thing after all!

Monday was In Class All Day day, and since I've got a test and a final tomorrow, I did the probably smarter but less viscerally satisfying thing of studying instead of knitting all evening. I know. Yay for me. And guess what? That night, as I check my email before bed, what do I see? An email from my assassin, asking for my address. She's already done!

So tonight I'm shipping out my Sock of Doom, and Sock Wars will have officially come and gone for me. It's a humbling experience, to be so quickly out-knit, but definitely a fun one :)

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HasturTorres said...

Ohhhhh. That was fast. When will the next battle be?