Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Church of Entrelac

Can you convert to a technique? If so, oh baby.

As ought to be readily apparent by now, I have no patience. None. I have to be doing something, be it knitting, reading, knitting, surfing the web, knitting, taking classes, whatever. I can wait for some things (like ordering yarn online), but I've got to have something going in the interim.

Case in point: the Lady Eleanor stole.

I fell in love with this stole recently. I'd been seeing it around (and around and around) and thought it was quite nice, but all of a sudden, it's shifting, subtle hues, it's simple form, it's compellingly non-lace-weight gague and new-to-me construction all somehow came together in that way that things do to cry, 'KNIT ME!'

I had to have it.

So I went to handpainted yarn last night, and I order 7 hanks, which so far as I can tell should be plenty. If it's not, I'll end up with a Lady E. blanket, and honestly, fuck that. Today I was in a daze - Olive! Rose! The permutations! The possibilities! My hands itched. I've finished Anya, I'm working on the Stupid Bobble Top during classes, I need something for me, me, me! Something with color, something with style, something that screams that Autumn is coming.

A skein of orange-pink-green-wine yarn leapt into my hand at the LYS. 'Learn entrelac, bitch!' it demanded, and in the guise of needing to swatch I complied. It is a lie.

You can't really have too many scarves.

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