Friday, September 15, 2006


Midterms went well wednesday. Swiftly and well. Animal handling training was... tolerable. I ended up not being able to do the shots, bleeding, and euthanasia, so all I'm qualified for now is general rat-wrangling, and I think I'm happier for it. I do somewhat feel like I've failed in something at which I could have succeeded - I know I can give IP injections. I just don't know if I want to, or if that matters. Regardless, there'll be no more injecting for me, but I can still run experiments and that's what matters.

In Knitland (Knitopolis? Knitsylvania?), I've started up work again on the Stupid Bobble Top. I've split for the neck and am trying to figure out how to do the tops of the shoulders in the round. I'm thinking now it might just be impossible, and I'll have to break down and graft.

The Emma scarf goes well. I'm not sure how far along it is, because I'm not sure how long I'm going to want it. It's knit from recycled sweater yarn (50/50 angora/nylon), and this ball I'm working from was the entire front of the sweater, so if I want some crazy Dr. Who lace, I'm stocked for it.

The lure of new projets is hard to resist right now. I've compromised by carrying new patterns and yarn with me, but not actually casting on. It's a shaky truce at best. The lovely Handmaiden mohair in Midnight is destined for the Wings of the Moth shawl, the hand-dyed green laceweight from chewyspaghetti is begging to be the Forest Path stole, the yellow laceweight from is (oddly enough) asking to be both Icarus and Goddess Knits' River shawl... many a project is calling my name.

I think, though, that once I'm finished with Emma and The SBT, I'll take a hint from Emma and wait. Finish old projects, like Frost Flowers. Let the yarn tell me what it wants to be. Hell, I'd had that sweater for over a year before Emma was conceived. I'm a little concerned that I won't have enough yardage for Wings of the Moth (800, and I need 900-1000), but if I go up a needle size or two that shouldn't matter too much, right?

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