Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Joining in on Hastur's Insanity

Whee! I've decided to semi-commit to Hastur's challenge to reduce my pattern-stash. Of course, I'm only going to be able to work from my yarn stash to do so, and I fully intend on rewarding myself with something from my Lust List for every ten objects I complete. Hell, I'll even order it kitted up! Ten FOs are worth it. So, here's the rules for me:

I, Persian Pen Name, do solemnly swear that I will not purchase any pattern or patterns until such time as I have finished ten objects (sadly not including the Anya scarf, because I finished it just to early) using yarn from my stash. Yarn given me to make shop models for my LYS count. Any pair of socks counts as two items, and every three square feet of in any FO counts as another item, so if I should finish a crazy 6ft x 6ft shawl (36 sq ft), that would count as 16 items and another mark against my sanity. At the end of this time, I am allowed to sing and dance in a silly manner, which may or may not include the shaking of my 'groove thang' and inducing the shaking of the 'groove thangs' of others. At this time, I also should purchase one pattern from my Lust List and the appropriate yarn to make it, or two patterns if I already have the yarn for both. If I only have yarn for one, I can only purchase one pattern. Cajoling, begging, and offering sex acts for yarn are permitted, though not encouraged. The selling of firstborn children in disallowed, because I don't know anyone who'd buy 'em. Trading for yarn and patterns is OK, obtaining free patterns is OK, convincing my library to buy books so I can get the patterns is OK if I can get away with it, and any money gotten for my upcoming birthday can (and should!) be used for yarn and/or entertainment purposes, so long as I already have rent. Getting a second job to fund yarn purchase is not allowed. Getting a second job to fund the grocieries is OK. Trading FOs for other people's handiwork is OK. Snakes on a Plane rocks it hard. I don't have to do chores the day before a test :)

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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HasturTorres said...

Hehehe. Sucka. Enjoy the challenge.