Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ringing in the Year of the Sock

So, I'm totally in love with RoseByAny's concept, Two Thousand Socks. I mean, counting this in with my resolution to knit myself ten pairs of socks this year*, I myself could account for a whole percentage point in this baby! How awesome would that be, eh? Plus I plan to knit at least one or two pairs for Sweetie (since I kinda sorta rid him of most of his store-bought socks), and booties for J-who-is-with-child (can't wait to see the baby, should be born this semester!), so who knows? Maybe I could be a two-percenter in more ways than one :)

Ah, aggieland. If nothing else, you supply me with puns.

*Sweetie's first sock, the Friday Harbor socks out of Knitting on the Road? Yeah, doesn't fit him. But it does fit me. Yay, my first sock for the new year!

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