Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh, Man. Oh, Man. Oh, Man.

So, I went to the Spinner's guild meeting the other day... oh, man do I want to learn to spin! And then I saw this website, that's selling spinning wheels for cheeeeeeeap...... Grah! The agony! I want to purchase one! And I'd be able to right now.... Decisions, decisions!



I did it.

I fucking did it.

I ordered a spinning wheel! It's a Babe's double-treadle production wheel, made of PVC pipe and wheelchair wheels, weighing a little over 7 lbs, and it is coming to my house!

[update] Also? Dibs on being the first one to knit a one-eyed kitten pocket warmer :) More details as they arrive.

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swakins said...

Have fun with your new spining wheel. The babe can be a bit wobbly but it is a great way to try our spinning. If you want to spin for socks you should get a drop spindle so you can spin really fine yarn.