Monday, May 26, 2008


So, last week I ordered some henna. $40 of henna to be exact, which is not a small amount of henna. It got mailed on the 21st, and priority mail, and I kept eagerly checking the mailbox to see if the little flag was up, signifying that we had mail. A few days pass, no flag, so today I remember that I have henna coming in the mail and take a peek outside. No flag. With a sinking feeling in my gut, I walk out to the box and open it - there's the package, along with a week's worth of mail. The goddamn mailman didn't raise the flag. This shit is TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE, it's been sitting in my mailbox for DAYS, when it's been fucking NINETY DEGREES OUTSIDE. Son of a BITCH!!!

So, I put it in the freezer, and only time will tell, but I'm guessing I have about a pound of high-quality henna, that's been completely ruined because of our fucking incompetent mailman.

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canter0433 said...

What a beautiful shaw.!

Where were you when I NEEDED you? My husband and I moved to Galveston from the Dallas area in 1994. We both worked for the County of Galveston. Lived on 24th Street.

Now we are in Nashville caring for my father, with Alzeheimer's.

Yes, the postman is IRRESPONSIBLE. I can't tell you how many times he left things hanging out of the box flap (at the sidewalk) only to have the contents soaked by rain! Complaining at the PO did absolutely no good.

I would have been desperate for your company as I found making friends in Galveston practically impossible. I just about gave up knitting as it was TOO DAMN HOT.

Anyway, I can sympathize with your predicament. I you need to bitch, I'm here for you. :-)

Sorry I didn't find your KAL sooner. I have downloaded the pattern. Currently working on the Orkney PI. Hugh!

Knitting in Nashville,
Susan Canterbury